Irrigation Pumps

Irrigation Pumps

Irrigation pumps are a necessity in for some property owners to help transport water from one area of farmland, such as a pond or well, to another area that requires hydration. Other consumers use the irrigation pumps to enable turf or other vegetation to thrive on their landscapes. A few types of these product are available and wise consumers choose the best product based on their needs.

Centrifugal, turbine and displacement pumps are all types of irrigation pumps, with the centrifugal being the most common. Determining how much water flow is required on your property and the pressure necessary for the irrigation pumps is crucial in picking the right machinery.

Centrifugal pumps do not require pumping before each use and use impellers to propel the water. If efficiency and high water pressure are necessities for your pump, a turbine is the best choice. Displacement pumps are excellent for thick liquids or when the consumer requires the flow of liquid to be precise.

Prices of the irrigation pump range from under $100 to about $400 depending on the size, horsepower and brand of the machinery. Rainbow, Goulds, Wolf, Johnson and Plenty are all brands that are known for reliable and durable pumps and they are manufactured with quality materials.

Installation of the pump is relatively simple for consumers who are skilled with do-it-yourself projects. Submersible pumps require a bit more labor and are installed underwater. It is important that the submersible pump power cords are protected from damage from boat motors or animals, such as a snapping turtle if the pump is in a pond.