How to Successfully Set Up A Sunroom


A sunroom is definitely a good place to relax because it utilizes natural lighting from the rays of the sun and other environmental elements in a relaxing way.

If you want to successfully put up one for your home, just follow the steps below as featured in eHow:

1. Survey Area

Go around the area of your home. Identify the suitable place for a sunroom. The ideal place to build it is within 15 degrees of the solar south. Remember that solar south is different to the south pointed by your compass. Northern Arizona Wind&Sun website states that you can easily find it using GPS.

Alternatively, the site advices that you should plot the area somewhere on the east where the sun rises as well as where it sets in the west. Then, observe where it rises the highest during noon which is between the two points you plotted. However this can yield inaccurate results if you are not living in a flat ground. So, it is best for you to ask an expert to identify it for you.

2. Make the Design

You can either hire an architect to design a plan for you or you can do it all by yourself by referring to online sources or catalogs.

3. Purchase Materials

Purchase the materials for your sunroom. Use energy efficient materials like slab foundations and place at least one brick wall in the structure. For the windows, choose the one with the lowest U-value. Based on the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) website, a material with a low maximum U-value means high levels of insulation and energy efficiency.

4. Start Construction

Start building your sunroof using the plan and the materials. You can also hire additional help like plumbers, carpenters and electricians to ensure that the facility will have all the amenities that you desire.

Sources: eHow, Northen Arizona Wind&Sun and RIBA

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