How To Remove Mold In Your Basement

mold removal

It is important for you to be equipped with an idea how to remove mold in your basement. Molds in walls and other surfaces of your basement do not only provide nuisance, they pose health hazards as well.

So, if you want to keep your basement clean and a healthy place for you, here are ways to eliminate molds effectively:

1. Prepare the Needed Stuff

Avoid skin contact with molds and its inhalation by putting a pair of gloves and by wearing HEPA mask to cover your mouth and nose. Then, prepare a wall brush, a bucket of water, laundry soap, bleach, biocide, disinfectant and carpentry tools. Also, get some fans or dehumidifiers on a standby.

2. Open All Sources of Air

Keep the doors leading to your basement open including the windows to ensure the proper circulation of air.

3. Find the Mold Infestation

Mold infested areas can easily be identified by their putrid odor or stain. The odor of molds reeks like urine. On the other hand, their appearances are slimy with black, orange or green color. A good place to start your search is by looking at the damp areas of the place too.

4. Brush Off the Infested Area

Using the combination of soap, bleach and water, brush off the infestation until the odor and stains come off. If you have trouble removing the molds, use biocide and disinfectant on the area of the infestation.

5. Replace the Heavily Infected Wooden Boards and Carpets

If the organisms already bore through the slits or cracks of the wooden boards or carpets, and washing does not seem to eliminate them, use your carpentry tools to remove the infested materials. Then, replace them with new ones later on.

6. Enable Proper Circulation of Air

After the cleaning process, turn on your electric fans and humidifiers to keep the area dry. Another alternative to keep the basement dry is by opening all its windows and doors to allow natural air and sunlight inside.

Serious Infestation

If the mold infestation in your basement is already too much for you to bear, better call the mold removal experts right away.

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