How to Properly Use the Fire Extinguisher

fire extinguisher

It is important for you to know the proper use of the fire extinguisher. This will help you avoid accidents caused by fire that may result to serious damages in properties and also to avert a disaster that has the tendency to cost the lives of the people at home.

Here is the proper use of the product:

1. Memorize the Acronym PASS

The basic rule of using the fire extinguisher is summarized in the acronym PASS. This stands for “pull, aim, squeeze and sweep”.

2. Check the Extinguisher

Make sure that the extinguisher that you are about to use has been stored in an upright position. If not, the contents may no longer deliver the desired results.

3. Remove the Covering

At the handle of the unit, look for the plastic tie that binds it. Simply pull it to remove.

4. Pull

Again from the handle, search for the metal pin that holds the squeezable handle together. It is the one with the metal ring and thin metal that is inserted in the handle. Just insert a finger to the ring and pull it with a little force to remove the pin.

5. Aim

Hold the nozzle and aim it at the outer layers of the flame but ensure that the cylinder of the unit is held upright.

6. Squeeze

Squeeze the handle with force using your hands. This will release the fire extinguishing substance stored in the product. Keep your hands pressed on the handle as you move towards the source of the fire. See to it that all the sources of the flame are snuffed out.

7. Sweep

To guarantee that the fire is totally out, make a sweeping motion as you empty the substance of the fire extinguisher around the source.

8. Refill Contents

When done, make certain that the contents of your fire extinguisher are replaced properly by accredited refilling stations.

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