How to Prepare Interior Walls to Get A Nice Look


For any room, the look of the interior walls is very important. If the walls are not painted well, then the room must be missing a lot of things. Beautifully painted interior walls can impress anyone instantly. To get the most out of the walls, we need to prepare the walls properly. Below is a list of some important tips that should be followed strictly when painting interior walls.

  • Remove obstacles like pictures, furniture, etc. You will not get good results if you don’t remove them.
  • Remove debris, dust off the walls properly. Use dry towel to remove them. If your walls are semi-gloss or gloss, then you should use damp towel to prepare your walls well.
  • If you are going to paint kitchen or bathroom, then it is highly recommended to use anti-microbial solution with water. If anti-microbial solution is not available, then use bleach. It is also good for preparing interior walls ready for painting.
  • The walls must be given time to dry before tapping off any objects. You could use silicone.
  • When tapping is completed, it is time to apply a primer to cover any faults. Usually, a water based primer is good enough to remove the imperfections, but if the stains are deeper, then you should use an oil based primer. You need to wait few hours to one day to get dry walls.
  • When the primer is dry, the walls are ready to be painted. So, start painting.
  • Choose your favorite color and start painting. Usually, one to two coats of painting is needed to get a sharp, elegant look. Let the walls dry naturally.

Interior walls can add a lot of beauty to a room. So, preparing and painting interior walls should be given a lot of priority. Hope, the above tips will help you in the future. Happy painting!

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