How to Make Your Swimming Pool Ready for the Summer

swimming pool

A house with a swimming pool is always a great house. In fact, everyone wants a swimming pool. If you are lucky enough to have a pool in your house, then you should also take care of it properly, especially for the summer season. There is a big gap between winter and summer, so you need to take care of your pool well. This article talks about cleaning, preparing your pool for the summer. You should read it attentively.

Clean the Surrounding Area: This is one of the first things that you should do. Remove the trees, shrubs, dead leaves, debris, etc. Use an air blower to remove the debris.

Uncover the Pool: Apply water to uncover the pool. Make sure no dirty water or debris gets into the pool when removing the cover. Also, when you are done, dry the cover and keep it in a clean, dry place.

Inspect: You need to know the level of damage caused in the winter season. There could be cracking, staining, etc., and you have to repair them before making your pool prepared for the summer.

Collect the Tools: Make sure you have all necessary tools including pool brush, good vacuum system, a skimmer net, etc. You may need chlorine and bromine to kill bacteria. Also, muriatic acid is required to keep pH balance well.

Check the Balance: You need to check chemical levels. There are 4 important things that you need to consider: pH level (7.4-7.6), Alkalinity (80-120 ppm), Calcium hardness (250-450 ppm), and chlorine (1-3 ppm)

Shock: Then, you need to shock the pool using chlorine. It is believed that one pound chlorine is enough to shock 10,000 gallons of water. You could do it weekly. Remember, if it rains, then you need to do it.

Having a swimming pool is always great. Make sure it is clean, safe to use for you and for the family. The above tips could help you.


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