How to Clean Rugs Properly

rugs cleaning

Rugs have always been very important to us. They really make our houses look nice. If proper care is taken, then rugs can last for a very long time. If you don’t take proper care to your rugs, then they will get damaged gradually. This article can help you clean your rugs properly so that they can last for a very long time.

Be Aware of Red Wine Spills: This case is rare, but if you are unlucky, then it could happen. If it happens, then keep the stain moist. If your rugs are light colored, then you should spray water to them. If not, then it is recommended to use water, soda, or white wine.

Think About Coffee Stains: This is another bad thing that can happen to your rugs. If it happens, then rub them with warm water or carpet shampoo as early as possible. You could also use sponge, cold water, and baking soda to treat your rugs properly. When the stain is dry, apply warm water and glycerin.

Think About Ink Stains: This is another thing which can create problems for your beautiful rugs. Ball points are responsible for this kind of unexpected problem. You need to use rubbing alcohol and white pad to solve this problem. Also, you could use sponge and warm water.

Be Aware of Chewing Gum: It happens because sometimes we are very careless. This problem seems very difficult to solve, but it is easy to solve. Use some ice to harden it. Then, apply white spirit and rinse it with cold water. You will get the nice look back once again.

These are the most common incidents that can make your rugs look ugly. You should follow the tips stated above if you face the same problems. Hope, you will get nice results. Happy cleaning!

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