Hand Held Shower Heads

Hand Held Shower Heads

Hand held shower heads are an excellent choice when it is time to remodel a bathroom or there has been a malfunction with the existing shower head. The beauty of a hand held model is the fact that it is versatile and can help a person reach those hard to reach places, do only a shampoo, and take care of pet grooming. It is also extremely helpful when bathing young children or the elderly. For someone who prefers to take a bath, a hand held model still provides a rinse feature for doing one’s hair. There are many options available and a broad price range to consider before making a purchase.
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There are a host of hand held shower heads in various sizes at a broad range of prices. Peerless manufactures a hand held unit that is just over $30 and has positive reviews from consumers. Installation is easy, there are no problems with leakage, and the water pressure can be adjusted for the person who enjoys a gentle massage or the individual who really likes to feel that water pounding down on the body for a refreshing experience. This product is also considered durable. Moen has its own line of hand held shower heads within the same price range. It has the added feature of a pause button to avoid wasting water and a long hose to make it easier to reach every body part. It is also easy to install and its thumb switch makes adjusting the water pressure quite simple. Niagara also produces a hand held shower head at half the price with great reviews. It can be adjusted from a strong spray to a medium option and a gentle one as well, providing a pleasant experience overall for the user. Another benefit of using a hand held device is that it conserves water and will save on household expenses in the long run.

Hand held shower heads a sensible choice with many applications in the household. While they do range in price, they are quite reasonable and there is no need to make an expensive investment. Simply doing a little research ahead of time and finding products with strong reviews in their favor is advised. For the environmentally-conscious, hand held devices one way to make a change for the better in taking care of our world. They are especially beneficial for the elderly, disabled, arthritic, or anyone with a condition that requires them to have less overall mobility or to be seated while bathing. Hand held shower heads give people the option of versatility with a variety of settings and the luxury of warm water providing a soothing massage wherever it is needed on the body.