Gas Pressure Washer

Gas Pressure Washer

 When looking for sheer cleaning power for cleaning away mildew, driveway stains, outdoor furniture and house exteriors, one should use a gas pressure washer. Gas pressure washers are much more powerful than their electric cousins as well as being a bit more expensive but there are times when you absolutely need the most powerful washing solution available.
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There are many brands and models available from most dealers but here we will be looking at a few popular models:

Generac 2700 PSI (Gas-Cold Water) Gas Pressure Washer: With the advertised 2700 PSI, this washer is a great value. With its easily accessible Axial Cam Pump there will be no more kneeling to attach hoses. This coupled with a highly mobile cart makes this an ideal model to use around the home. It has an ergonomic spray gun with a soft grip & easy-pull trigger that reduces fatigue. It comes with a selection of 4 quick-click nozzles.

Karcher 3000 PSI (Gas Cold-Water) Gas Pressure Washer with a Honda Engine: The powerful engine on this washer sports 3000 PSI and is both quiet and reliable. It has a zinc plated brass wand which is resistant to both rust and corrosion and comes with a decent variety of nozzles. The engine and pump are easily accessible to maintain and service.

Maxus Prosumer 2750 PSI Pressure Washer: The pressure on this washer is adjustable so you can dial down the pressure for lawn furniture and projects you do not want to strip the paint off of, while boosting up the pressure for jobs like driveway stains and stubborn siding stains. It sports a Honda engine that is both quiet and durable as one would expect from such a trusted brand. It is a more expensive option than the others listed, but as stated previously, you gain versatility. It also comes with an excellent variety of nozzles.

The washers listed range in price from $330 to $850 from top to bottom. When looking for a gas pressure washer you should expect to pay anywhere from $250 to $1000. The washers listed above give a good indication of the price range and what you should expect from a high quality washer in general.