Free Standing Closet

Free Standing Closet

Living in a small apartment or home can have its challenges. Many of us city dwellers and dorm room students have to make due with the small living spaces we can afford. However with the right eye for creativity and design, we do not have to sacrifice comfortable living.

Loft beds can free up space for those with bedrooms that only accommodate enough room for a mattress. Loft beds are bed frames that resemble bunk beds, yet only the bottom half of the bunk bed is empty space with a ladder for getting to your mattress up top. Some loft beds have built-in workstation desks underneath them, or even shelves for holding books — perfect for the college student.

You can take even more advantage of a loft bed by adding drapery to the frame, giving you privacy to change or simply study. You can also fit different kinds of furnitures like chaise lounges or mini-futons underneath loft bed frames.

Free standing closets are another creative and practical way of taking advantage of the space you are given. Free standing closets can even fit underneath a loft bed; and many free standing closets are modular in form giving you plenty of options to store your clothing.

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Free standing closets come in many different varieties. Some of them can be hung from the ceiling, or on walls and doors. Others are built on frames with wheels; and others are built with covers that you can zip-up for the sake of your own privacy and convenience.

Space-deprived living arrangements do not always have to be cluttered with your belongings and furniture that do not fit. Adapting your furniture to your living arrangements is a great way to appreciate the space inside your home, and can open up the dimensions in a room.