Fiberglass Shower Enclosures

Fiberglass shower enclosures

A fiberglass shower enclosure is a good way to remodel ones bathroom without spending a fortune while doing it. Remodeling just entails replacement of the enclosure and one is good to go. One just needs to cut out the old enclosure and fit their new fiberglass shower enclosure in its place, if it is of the same size as the old one. However, a different-sized one requires more work. Fiberglass provides a lasting option for construction material as it is really easy to maintain in order to make it look as good as new, maintaining its shiny appearance.

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Fiberglass shower enclosures have available convenient and inexpensive repair kits in case the fiberglass is damaged, with easy to use instructions. The material is light weight, and can be easily carried up the staircase and passed through doorways, but best of all they are durable as mentioned and easy to clean. One is however limited on the variety of shapes, designs and colors, as they come in few shapes and colors, unless one goes for a custom made one which means increased costs, as the custom made ones are quite pricey.

What are some of the Fiberglass shower enclosures benefits?
Fiberglass shower enclosures are however a much cheaper option than other shower enclosure materials, for instance constructing the shower enclosures with tiles. Maintenance is also easy, increasing to its cost effectiveness. They are non-metallic thus are not prone to rust. The installation process is often also quite easy and one can install them on their own at home, while they are relaxing on a weekend. Most come with easy to install instructions, thus one can easily follow these instructions to a successful installation process. This requires care and accuracy to avoid damaging the material and to ensure best results. Poor installation could lead to water leakages that will be a nuisance while using the shower. The fiberglass material can be free-standing and allows for inclusion of additional accessories like soap dishes, towel bars, shower curtains and rods.

Care and cleaning
Care should be taken while cleaning to maintain the shiny appearance and avoid soap scum build up. To avoid this one should also clean regularly with standard products but in case of discolorations, certain measures should be taken. One should not wait for the soap scum to build up or for discoloration to appear to start cleaning. There are many cleaning products available in the market and some suggested remedies for cleaning is spraying or wiping with a little car wax. Car wax helps to prevent discoloration and keep the fiberglass shower enclosure clean and maintain its shiny appearance.