Famous design trends to try at home


If you are already bored with your home decors and want to try new things to upgrade the look of your house, you must try either of the five famous design trends right now.

The radiant orchid (combination of pink and purple hue) color is one of the famous design trend that you can use. You have the color anywhere in your home since its warm and cool.

Blue is also one of the famous color this year. It represents the nature’s color of the sky and water, thus, it is soothing and makes you feel comfortable.

Floral colors are very in demand as well. Bright floral colors to be placed in your living room or bedroom such as in throw pillows, sheets or in your curtains will give the room a vibrant atmosphere.

Warm metal colors are commonly used in the kitchen. Bronzes, golds and black colors can be used as lighting and cabinetry accents.

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