Entering the Landscaping Business

Do you have a green thumb for landscaping?  Do you think you are more than capable of designing another’s garden?  Are you creative enough to come up with unique landscaping ideas that people will buy?  Would you like a profitable business?  If you do, then landscaping can just be the perfect way to earn your way to success!

Setting up a landscaping business is easy and hard thing to do.  It’s easy when you have the capital; you have formal experience and have established connections with clients; when you have workers to help you landscape; and you have the money to spend for advertising.  It’s hard when you don’t have these things.

But worry not; here are best tips on how you can start a landscaping business having nothing but talent and creativity:

  1. Start with your own backyard.  The best advertising strategy to get customers would be to showcase your talent by landscaping your own backyard! Give it your best shot.  Impress your neighbors and friends.  Show them an extraordinary backyard landscaping that will take their breath away.
  2. Establish your clients.  Your neighbors could be great prospective clients!  Once you have shown them how well you do in landscaping, you’re sure to gain customers from the neighborhood.  The word of mouth is the most effective promotional tactic so you need to make sure you impress your first clients.  Ask your friends to help you sell your skills. It may be hard at the start but once you were able to establish your own clients, everything will follow.
  3. Know the landscaping rates.  You may want to start small with landscaping rates since you’re still starting.  Offering a low backyard landscaping fee would be an advantage to be preferred by customers over highly experienced landscapers who get high fees.
  4. Give extra service for free.  You may offer promotional service like a free ornamental plant for a customer asking you to landscape bigger area (of course that would mean higher fee).  You may give incentives to your valued customer as well.
  5. Start to let others know your business.  You can advertise in local newspapers and that wouldn’t cost you much.  You may also create your own website or join some forum and have a facebook page- any way you can advertise for lesser amount if not for free.

Upgrading your skills and knowledge and keeping your customers happy are the key ingredients to a successful landscaping business.  It’s always satisfying to earn your success without the need to spend much on capital.  Hope these tops work and good luck to your landscaping business!


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