Elegant Apothecary Jar Terrarium Pieces

Below are a few of our favorite terrarium made in apothecary jars. These are all available for purchase on Etsy. DIY projects such as these terrarium jars are becoming hot home decor items.


This is a 3 piece item made by user Doodle Birdie. The apothecary jars appears to retail for around $44 online.


This piece looks almost like the message in a bottle, but it’s terrarium in a jar. Classy and elegant look to the jar. Made by user PinkSerissa, the jar is 11 inches wide and 6.75 inches tall.


This moss terrarium is brought to you by user MossLoveTerrariums. The jar is in a smaller glass measuring at 10″ tall. It’s quite small, but yet, elegant.


Another jem of a piece from PinkSerissa. Nice touch with the miniature deers, sitting in a 13″ jar.