Efficient steps in cleaning the bathroom


It is a known fact that the least part of the home that you like to clean is the bathroom. Cleaning the bathroom can be exhausting, thus, below are tips on how to clean your bathroom efficiently.

First, remove all the things from their usual location. The toiletries, towels, rugs and curtain in the bathroom should be removed and must be washed. Any items found in the bathroom must be removed and place outside the bathroom.

Wipe the countertops, surfaces, and sweep the floor to ensure that dust will be eliminated. Check the ceiling and the corners so that cobwebs will be removed as well.

Clean the shower and the bathtub by using the appropriate all-purpose cleaner.

Wash the toilet and brush the surface to remove any dirt.

Apply cleaning solutions when mopping the floor. Use warm water and enough cleaning powder for the floor.

Shine the mirror using an old newspaper.

Ensure to scrub the sink and use a damp cloth in cleaning the sink. A toothbrush can be used in scrubbing the edge of the sink.

Clean the trash can. Spray the wastebasket with an all-purpose cleaner.

Lastly, clean the medicine cabinet and arrange the items inside.



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