Easy Courtyard Landscaping Ideas

 landscapeThe ultimate step to selecting and setting up the plants along with the other ornaments to complete the look of the courtyard. It’s exciting to look at everything come together and find out the ideal courtyard come to life. A courtyard landscape design provides ample opportunity to add small details or features that will coordinate, yet provide the unexpected. Perhaps a strawberry border to the edge of a flower bed, or a small bronze sculpture, or even a rock garden tucked into a corner will deliver that extra touch that makes the design. When choosing the fill in elements of the courtyard design, remember to select the largest plants first to anchor the design, and then fill in with smaller. The focal point and the large plants should be carefully selected for their permanent home, but the smaller plants can be changed or moved seasonally. Don’t forget to include some container plants as well that can be transported to different areas of the courtyard for different uses.


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