Dual Shower Head

Dual Shower Head

There are several factors that need to be taken into consideration when you are trying to choose a fresh design for your master bathroom shower or shower enclosure. These factors include more than just styling, although that may top your list of priorities. These other factors incorporate practical points such as space considerations, the capacity of your hot water delivery system (your plumbing), and the number of shower heads you want. Do you want a conventional single, or a dual shower head. You probably have your own ideas on what makes up a superior shower design, but so will the contractor or architect you chose to help you complete the project before you. In addition to their years of experience, they will also have some good information about real costs and the practical aspects related to carrying out your wishes.
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If your budget permits it, then you probably have already considered a shower enclosure design that delivers the highest level of luxury and pampering. Such a design would likely feature multiple body sprays, and could even include the installation of a dual shower head. A good shower experience can be a blessing as it can provide you with the same benefit of an expensive massage at a relatively tiny cost. To this end, there is no good reason not to spend the time and money necessary to get yourself the best possible shower unit that you can.

A new shower design does not mean that you are obliged to put in in a conventional tub shower, or commonplace rectangular enclosure. New developments in materials technologies have made a wide variety of new design choices possible. These products feature creative new shapes and textures, unexpected colors, and innovative designs for the shower heads themselves. If an arresting look is what you are after, then the SilverTAG shower unit stand alone. When a dual shower head is not enough, then step into this extremely opulent shower pod which happens to employ 18 different computer controlled showerheads for total luxury. The showerheads in the SilverTag are able to automatically change the water temperature to accommodate different areas of your body. The entry-level design can set you back as much as $100,000.

Art Glass Shower Enclosures

A new line of premium art glass shower enclosures is now on the market. Cardinal Shower Enclosures is a domestic manufacturer of shower enclosure units that ship with premium amenities such as their signature art glass enclosure walls. Instead of flat, glass or tile covered walls and doors, you can grace your home with shower doors and walls that have stunning three dimensional designs etched into them. These units are a beautiful alternative to the standard glass doors and walls of everyday showers. A creative design scheme utilizing this specific product line could incorporate a single or a double door configuration, and can accommodate either a standard or dual shower head. The cost of these artful glass shower enclosure starts out at about $400.00 installed and deserve a look. Even with a restricted budget, anyone with a bit of creativity can arrive at a shower enclosure solution that meets their objective.