Determining the Proper Outdoor Jacuzzi Setup and its Installation

outdoor jacuzzi

A Jacuzzi is a luxury we all wish we can afford. The problem though is that even if you can purchase one, installing it can be quite a challenge. Yet, there are certain tips you can follow in an outdoor Jacuzzi setup, so that you won’t have to hire professional help.

Here are the things that you should take into consideration:

1. Determine the Location

Choose the location for your Jacuzzi. There are certain building codes that you must follow. A safe bet would be to place it five feet away from your house and five feet before the end of your property. Make sure you have enough space to access the Jacuzzi from all sides.

Also, you will have to make sure that a direct connection to the electric socket is possible because Jacuzzis don’t allow an extension cord. It is up to you though if you would like the cord to run under or above the ground. But a safe option would be to put the cables underground.

2. Ensure a Strong Foundation

When a Jacuzzi is full, it can weigh up to 3,000 pounds. Of course, that will depend on the size of the Jacuzzi you will be purchasing. Nevertheless, make sure you have a solid concrete foundation to place it on. You can either use concrete or pea gravel for its base.

3. Install Draining Pipes

Much like a swimming pool, a Jacuzzi also has to be drained and cleaned regularly. Make sure you have draining pipes that will direct the water to the drainage system. You may either do this yourself or ask for professional help.

4. Place the Tub

Make sure to place the Jacuzzi at the center of the foundation you made. The perfect balance has to be achieved, so that you don’t find the tub leaning on one side of the foundation. Tighten the screws on the tub and secure the slots where the cover will latch in place when the tub is not in use.

Once you are finished with your outdoor Jacuzzi setup, you can then fill it with water and mix with the proper chemicals. Make sure not to overfill the Jacuzzi and follow the manual religiously.