Custom Shower Doors for your next DIY project

Custom Shower Doors

Showering is the time to revive and recuperate. The benefit of adding custom shower doors to your existing unit makes showering much more relaxing without the worries of overexposing your bathroom floor to unwanted water. Custom doors not only bring a piece of mind they also replace and fix damaged or nonstandard shower units. Custom doors can be built and designed according to customer specifications. Custom doors can also help prevent against unwanted molds and water damage along the sides of the immediate external areas of your showers location. Additionally, a custom door can be designed for corner showers and nonstandard shower cubicles. Custom designs can be built to slide or swing either way on reversible swinging hinges and steam shower doors prevent against residue accumulations.


Pricing custom shower doors is easy and a great place to order all your custom shower door material needs is Sam’s Glass and Aluminum Works Inc. You’ll hardly find a better deal elsewhere and that much can be guaranteed. Semi frames can purchased from Sam’s glass for around $411.50 plus take a savings of $88.38 off the $411.50 and that becomes roughly $324.00. Additionally this allows your DIY project to stay under budget while adding elegance and a genuine feel of a stylish flow to your bathrooms appearance. For more information, check out Sam’s shower doors website at Currently all orders over $143.00 will receive an extra 2% discount at checkout. Other companies that provide custom doors are Basco, Atlanta custom shower doors, Bath-fitters, Church hill glass – mirror and delivers complete custom shower kits including all accessories and fixtures needed to install a complete custom shower door shower unit. Whatever your shower door needs you’re sure to find an elegant, clean design by checking out some of the company’s listed inside in this article.