Courtyard Landscape Design

Court Yard. The word stirs the imagination. What runs through your mind whenever you think about a courtyard? Could it be a royal garden? A secret place? A sanctuary? Even an outside sitting area or retreat may be imagined. In case your garden or even the architecture of your house features a courtyard employ this wonderful feature. Creating a courtyard landscape is as simple as a-b-c: Create a design, designate a focus and complete the spaces with plants based on the scale from the garden.

Since the courtyard is really a unique feature of the landscape, the look aspect is an essential part of your landscape design. Before making design options you should research appropriate plants for the area, designs that complement your architecture, and concepts that stem out of your imagination and desire to have your courtyard use. Even when you intend to set up the landscape yourself, you might like to consult an expert landscape designer with this phase. Unlike the relaxation of the garden, a courtyard should be a bit more permanent, so carefully plan your courtyard landscape design.