Corner Shower Units

Corner showers are designed into many new homes today. The old way of including a shower in with the standard 5 foot tub has been relegated to the guest or secondary bath in the house. The very footprint and location of most corner showers makes them a useful space saving technique.

If you’re looking to upgrade or remodel your bathroom, sometimes space is a primary issue.  If you need to save space, consider doing away with the traditional tub shower combo, but instead look into the corner shower units.  Sometimes these corner shower units and be purchase as a prefabricated unit, therefore, can cut cost for your bathroom remodeling project.  With the extra space you save with the corner shower units, you can use the space to add exact closet space, or even install that his and hers double sink that you’ve always wanted.

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The corner shower units typically will come ready to install and should be relatively easy to install.  All the necessary parts will be included to complete your new shower.  The parts should include the entry door, walls, molded receptors.  Typically, the door should come with a sleek crystal clear glass, and stainless steel frames, which would keep your unit from rust or corrosion.

The nature of a corner shower means the access opening or door is usually on a 45º angle to the 2 side walls of the shower. Those 2 side walls can then function as a border for the start of a vanity cabinet on one side and perhaps a linen closet on the other. Another popular design is done with her vanity on one side and his vanity on the other. Other bath designs show the corner shower units attached with access to a variety of platform style built-in tubs.

There are two basic types of corner shower units: prefabricated and custom built-in. The prefabricated units are produced by several manufacturers and come in a strong array of beautiful styles and colors. They are sized for common dimensions that most people would want and that can easily be shipped to the retailer. Depending on size and style, they come with built in seats, shelf niches for shampoo or soap, and clear, frosted, or opaque enclosure options.

If a prefabricated unit just does not fit in your unique space, then a custom unit could be in order. These units should be designed and detailed by an architect or other professional. Custom corner shower units are going to cost considerably more than a prefabricated unit, but when they are assembled by craftsmen, they also add to stunning interior designs.