Corner Shower Units

In North America, individuals are known to prefer showers over baths which is why implementing a corner shower will prove to be beneficial in your bathroom.  Whether you are looking for a unique way to place your shower or if you are simply looking to save floor space, there are a variety of different corner showers available for your use and they all have their own array of advantages.

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Shopping for corner shower units is an extremely simple venture as there are a variety of different locations that you can acquire the shower unit for your needs.  Considering that there are a variety of different do-it-yourself big box stores such as Lowes, Home Depot, or Rona, you will inevitably be able to find the corner shower unit of your dreams.  Within these stores they carry a wide variety of different models including American Standard and Kohler which are looked at as the most beneficial and beautiful corner shower units in the world.

As previously mentioned, American Standard is known as one of the world’s industry leading bathroom appliance manufacturers.  With the purchase of their products you will have the ability to buy a custom shower door, the walls to the shower, and the base.  Rather than purchasing an all inclusive package you will be able to create a shower that is beneficial to your own personal needs rather than assembling a pre-designed corner shower unit.  The 24×72 Neo-Angle Shower is one of the most popular corner shower units that individuals place within their homes.  These showers can range anywhere between $600 and $1200 depending on your specifications.  With the ability to change the framing color to silver, chrome, or brushed bronze it inevitably provides a variety of different options.  The glass itself is clear rather than frosted which helps to promote the longevity of the glass itself.

Kohler is another manufacturer of bathroom appliances that provide an abundance of opportunities to the bathroom designer.  As with American Standard you can create your own personal style of corner shower with the variety of different receptors that you will be able to choose from ranging between $500 and $800.  Essentially you can have an idea of how large of a space you have to work with and then choose a specific size to meet your standards.  Kohler has been producing a variety of uniquely manufactured product for an abundance of years and they have received raved reviews from individuals all over the world.

With the implementation of corner shower units home owners can enjoy their morning or nightly showers with ease and efficiency.