Corner Shower Caddy

A corner shower caddy is something that can be very useful for anyone who simply does not have much storage space in their bathroom. A caddy could also be quite useful for people who have much they need to do in the shower. Having a place for razors, shower gels, toothbrushes, and other items can make your shower less cluttered and much easier to use. Moreover, this gives guests a place to put their items when they are visiting so that there is no awkward moment when they do not know what to do with their things.
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A corner shower caddy can come in a few different styles and designs. Most designs are simply meant to sit in the shower as if it were a bookcase. These have multiple shelves like the Organize It All 1755 that typically retails for $30.

There are times when the caddy is more like a tower that has circular trays that act as the shelves. In these cases, something like the SimpleHuman BT1064 caddy will work perfectly. These are great for showers that are a little bit bigger. It usually retails at around $54.

Finally, organizing the shower might leave you will very options when it comes to actual floor space. However, you can get a corner shower caddy that is designed with baskets that are attached to a single, small post. That post might hang from the corner of the shower or rest on the ground and take up very little floor space. The Stainless Steel caddy from InterDesign retails at around $82 and features these design qualities that allow you to preserve floor space and keep storage space in your shower.

When shopping for a corner shower caddy, you will find that creating storage space in your shower will be an easy task with any of these models that provides storage in any size shower. You can get the caddy that looks the best in your shower, fits into the corner that you wanted to use, and has the right amount of available space. Not all showers were created equal, and neither were the shower caddies. Pick the right one for you.