Cordless Electric Lawn Mower

Cordless Electric Lawn Mower

The way I see it there are two main contenders when talking electric mowers, and a third that should be considered. The two contenders I speak of are the Black & Decker SPCM1936 cordless electric lawn mower and the WORX WG788 cordless electric lawn mower. The third i mentioned is the Ryobi RY14110A. These three cordless electric lawn mowers stand out above the rest and all fall within $380-$450 range.

cordless electric lawn mower

Why cordless electric you ask? That is a quite simple question. There are many benefits of switching to a cordless electric lawn mower. For starters it is much cleaner, the environment suffers none when you use an electric compared to a gas model. Its said that over one million tons of polluted air emissions are given off per year in our gas powered lawn equipment across the globe.

On top of that you have the ease of use. No more pull cords , endlessly yanking till your arm nearly falls off only to have your mower not even start yet. Its a thing of the past. Press button starts make avoiding getting that yard work done just a little bit harder. Not only that but everyone notices when someone is mowing. Why? Because its loud. Simple as that, Sleeping children, Neighbors and night time have been necessary to consider when deciding when to mow. Not anymore! All of these electric mowers run especially quiet, so not only is it better for everyone else, but now you dont have to sit through the loud penetrating gurgle and hum of a loud running gas mower.

Of the three models mentioned above one stand out. I thought it would be the Black and Decker, but it wasn’t. The WORX WG788 had one thing the others did not. All models had the benefits listed above, as well as a fold-able & adjustable push arm for storage and easy access for running. As well as fatigue reducing reer mowing, and the option to mulch efficiently out the side, or reer. You can also collect all of your clippings in a bag that can be attached to all models mentioned. However the thing i saw ONLY on the WORX WG788 is what they call IntelliCut, which allows you to crank up the juice to cut through that really tough grass, in exchange for making it a little louder.

All in all I would say the Worx is best, but the Black and Decker is a close, close second. The Ryobi has a larger battery compared to the others, but seems to be of a lesser quality. All three models run about 12,000 – 18,000 sq ft. (or roughly 1 hour) Dependent on the mode (for the Worx)Those of you looking to save money could check out some of the younger models before the ones I mentioned here. Wherever you end up with your new lawn equipment, you can feel comforted that your not only helping the environment but removing the costs and hassle of dragging around gas for a gas guzzling mower. I think you will know that it was the right choice.