Closet Shoe Organizer

Closet Shoe Organizer

There are several different styles for those looking to purchase a closet shoe organizer. Some of the more popular styles are over-the-door shoe racks, freestanding shoe organizers and under-the-bed organizers. They come is a variety of different styles, colors and price ranges.Over-the-door closet shoe organizers come in two styles. The first is with open access shelves and the second with a pocket design. While the pocket design is useful, it is better suited for smaller shoes such as children’s shoes, summer sandals and house slippers. While many of them are made of clear plastic pockets for better visibility, the better quality organizers are made of heavy duty fabric. The Target brand, 24 pocket, canvas shoe organizer is a good example in this category. It is constructed of soft pockets made of canvas, has three hooks to keep it in place and is very affordable at under $20.

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While a over-the-door open access closet shoe organizer can accommodate the same shoes as the pocket organizers, they are very well suited for larger shoes and especially women’s hi-heeled shoes. Most have a more usable width and some can be customized by choosing how many sections you prefer to use. Most can be permanently mounted if preferred and are made of either heavy plastic, metal or wood. The Over the Door 36 pair Shoe Rack by Merrick is a prime example in this category. Each section holds 12 pairs of shoes and you may choose how many sections is appropriate for your needs It is easy to assemble, has an average cost of $38.00, and is made from a sturdy combination of plastic and metal.

In addition to being made of plastic, metal or wood, a freestanding closet shoe organizer can also be made of mesh. The Seville Classic Mesh 3-Tier Shoe Rack is a perfect example of a great shoe organizer for under $40. It is made of metal and is completely customizable with shelves that stack. Each rack holds 3-4 pairs of shoes depending on size and assembles in under 5 minutes.

Household Essentials Revolving 4-Tier Shoe Tree, for about $40, is another type of design. It’s adjustable design allows it to accommodate different types of shoes, with the exception of boots. It comes with a handle on top for portability, has a weighted bottom to ensure stability and is made of heavy-duty chromed steel.

Under-the-bed shoe organizer come in a very wide variety of styles and the price range averages from $15-$60. The Richard Homewares Under-Bed Sliding Shoe Organizer is one of the better made and more stylish in this category. Although it does not hold as many pairs as some of the other brands, with a cost of $59.99, it’s sleek metal design ensures it’s good quality and timeless endurance.