Selecting the right paint color for your home’s exterior


The exterior of your home represents the overall personality of your home, thus the color of paint on your home must be selected wisely. The right paint color can make a big impact to the overall look of your home, thus you must choose the color wisely.

Check the color of the houses in the neighborhood first before selecting the colors to ensure that your paint color would not clash with your neighbor’s house color.

Exterior color can affect the entire street, landscape and roofing of your residence. Color must also complement the architectural design of your home. Assessing the personality of your home is a necessity.

Three or more different paint colors should be selected. The exterior is divided in three parts, select a main color that will dominate the entire structure, accent color for the doors, shutters and other small surface or parts of the house, and trim color for window and roof edges.

Search for ideas through online or ask advice from experts for more inputs.

Select exterior colors that are appealing all the time.


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