Choosing the right handles and locks for home safety


Door knobs and lockset are the most important part of any entryway. We always want these things to secure the safety of our home and at the same time stylish enough to complement the design of our door. Choosing the correct type of doorknob style and appropriate lockset is not that easy, so when you are searching for a new door hardware, consider the below tips.

Before choosing the design, you must consider the safety of your home first. The locksets should be durable and reliable. Don’t go for high-tech models such as keypads or card-swipes as these require high maintenance. Choose locks that require a key outside and uses a thumb-switch inside.

Aside from the quality of the locks, the latch must be checked. Don’t choose doors with simple handle-locks. These kind of door knobs can be easily open by burglars.

Insert kick plates and door stoppers for additional protection.

In general, the door hardware should match to all your entryway. Retro doorknobs are the famous style and will always complement most types of doors.

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