Best Shower Head

Best Shower head

Taking a shower does not have to be a dull, monotonous experience simply used to start or end your day. With the proper equipment and setup it can be a relaxing, therapeutic time to not only get clean but also warm yourself, massage your body and unwind. Certain types of shower heads can turn an uncomfortable or low-pressure shower into a spa-like experience. The best shower heads offer a combination of strong pressure control, various settings, waterfall styles and more.

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Waterfall shower heads are typically viewed as some of the best shower heads for higher-end upgrades. They come as large round or square heads with dozens of spouts on them, allowing the water to fall out at a gentle pressure. On good models the pressure is enough to wash with but just light enough to feel like a strong rain shower, massaging your body and covering a large area at once. All major plumbing companies offer waterfall shower heads these days with some of the best models being from Delta or Kohler. When buying aftermarket to install plan on spending about 50-to-100 dollars for one of these. They’re the easiest to use, simply screwing on to an existing shower source. If you’re looking for more high-end professional improvements ceiling-mounted would provide the best shower head. This requires professional work rerouting plumbing into the ceiling, but it puts the head much higher and perpendicular to the floor, ensuring maximum coverage and comfort. Plan on paying upwards of 1200-dollars for one of these high-end models.

Another one of the best shower heads is a removable massaging head. These connect to an existing shower pipe and usually feature a long rubber hose with the head at the end. This allows you to disconnect it and hold it, moving it around to reach any area of your body. The benefit comes in the adjustable pressure and water patterns. The head can be set to pulse out intense streams of water, or turned to a trickle for gentle rinsing. Many feature up to a dozen settings. Peerless makes arguable the best of this type of shower head. It’s 2-in-1 model allows for wall-mounted or hand-held use with several pressure settings including waterfall. Best of all it only costs about 40-dollars in most hardware stores.

If you need to get more out of your shower an upgrade to a better shower head will provide immediate results. Aftermarket heads are usually very affordable and almost all screw on to existing plumbing. Depending on the type of water pressure and comfort you’re looking for most major plumbing companies will offer a model perfect for you.