Best colors for summer


The summer season is nearly here and the best way to welcome the warm weather is to lighten the look of your home. Incorporating the summer color will not only give a new look to your home, but will also give you and your family a relaxing feeling. Embrace the summer by decorating your home using the summer colors below.

Sunny Yellow. This color is one of the most friendly and pleasing to the eyes. It reminds us of happy moments, smiling faces of sunflowers. Put yellow curtains or yellow pillows in your living room and it will transform the area into a comfortable and inviting place.

Lime Green is one of the tropical and refreshing color that complements the season. Ensure to pair it with neutral colors such as black or white patterns.

Soft Blue/Sky Blue. This color reminds us of the sea  or the summer sky and it gives us a relaxing tone. Use this color in your beddings or curtains in your bedroom to give a calming effect.

Coral colors. These colors will give a vibrant effect on the room. Paint your wall with coral colors to have an entertaining space in your room. An accent of sandstone or shades of white will compliment this color.

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