Benefits of LED Lights


Today, LED lighting is very popular all over the world. It has many advantages over incandescent lighting system. They can be used both indoor and outdoor. If you have not started using LED lights yet, then read this article. You will know some main benefits of LED lighting system.

LED means Light Emitting Diode. It does not have any toxic gas, filament, or mercury, so they are very environment friendly. If you want to go green, then you should start using them.

High Efficiency: This is one of the major reasons behind its sky high popularity. LED lights are very energy efficient. It can save up to 80% electricity compared to incandescent lights. So, your energy bills will be lower than ever.

Longer Life Span: Life span is of paramount importance for any lights. We are tired of changing lights over and over. It is estimated that if you use them for 12 hours per day, then they will last about 11 years. Obviously, it is a great life span for any lighting system. So, start using them.

Low Heat Production: This is another important feature of LED lights. As they produce lower heat compared to any lighting system, they are more environment friendly. You could use them in your garden.

No Maintenance Cost: This is another benefit of LED lights. They last for a very long time but don’t need maintenance at all.

Easy Installation: Installation is an important phase of any lighting system. LED lights are very easy to install.

You could turn your entire house into an environment friendly house by using LED lights. You could use them indoor and outdoor.

These are the major advantages of using LED lights. No other lighting system has as many benefits as LED lighting system has. You should start using them as early as possible.


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