Basement renovation ideas


The best solution in looking for an extra space in your home is to freshen up your basement. Depending on your family need, you can use your basement as an additional bedroom, play room, home theater, home bar, family gym or a storage room. Although, the renovation requires your savings, it is actually considered a good investment since it will add value to your house when it comes to the time that you will sell your property. Before starting the renovation, the plan should be solid and well-thought.

The ceiling of the basement must be appropriate. If the ceiling height of the basement is more than 8 feet, install a suspended ceiling. It is consists of a grid that is installed to cover and hang from the existing ceiling. Suspended ceiling are considered functional and attractive.

Basement is typically dim or dark, so lighting is one of the major things to consider. Used recessed lightings as these are commonly used by consumers and are effective fixtures.

Add a built-storage in the basement to save space in the room. Choose a stylish design for your fixtures and furniture that will be placed to make the new room appealing.

Before choosing what type of flooring you are going to choose in this room, you have to consider the function of your renovated basement. For playroom, it is best to use soft floor, which is made of play mats or carpet, while hardwood flooring is best to be used for a guest room.

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