Backyard Landscaping Ideas

Backyard landscaping is quite different from front yard landscaping, typically serving more purposes than just presentation. It is designed in a less formal theme to be used for specific functions like a party place, kids play ground, outdoor kitchen etc. If you have a backyard that has not been properly landscaped then read on this article for some brilliant backyard landscaping ideas that will turn your backyard into a most desired place of your house.

landscaping ideas

To you give some backyard landscaping ideas, you can convert your backyard to serve any of the following purpose:

  • Family Entertainment Place
    The most common purpose of backyard is to serve as a family entertainment place. This type of backyard is usually a patio, elevated terrace, deck or a simple lawn that can be easily accessed through kitchen. A patio design theme is usually imparted to such backyards. Elements like outdoor furniture consisting of chairs, barstools, tables, lounges etc. made from teak and wicker are used for a natural look. Other ideas you might consider is an outdoor fireplace, patio fire pits, hot tubs, garden pergola, outdoor kitchen island or a pizza oven.
  • Recreational Place
    Most of the people like to have their backyard as a recreational place for their family and children. The backyard is landscaped according to the type of the recreational activities that may include a sport, games or children play ground. Backyard landscaping ideas for a recreational place include:

    • Simple lawn to serve as a playground for children with or without a play-set
    • Swimming pool for swimming enthusiasts
    • Croquet playing ground
    • Tennis or badminton court
    • Special Purpose Gardens

You can also turn your backyard into a special purpose garden. These backyard landscaping ideas might include:

  • Evergreen Garden- Consisting of plants that are green in all seasons
  • Herb Garden- To raise herbs for healthy diets near the kitchen
  • Vegetable Garden- Best place to grow organic vegetables
  • Rain Garden- A place to capture rainwater into ponds etc.

Do you have any backyard landscaping ideas you want to share? Feel free to comment below for the avid landscapers to build on your backyard landscaping ideas.