Backyard landscaping Idea: Using Landscape Cloth

landscaping ideasIn landscaping a backyard, there are important things that you need to remember.  First, bear in mind that you are planting “real” plants.  Therefore, you need to make sure that you will spare time every day, or 3 to four days a week tendering your plants.  Second, plants are endangered by weeds trying to sip in soil nutrients essential for their growth.

So as part of your landscaping planning, you may want to consider buying a landscape cloth that will protect your plants and flower beds from those unwanted weeds.

What is a Landscape Cloth?

A landscape cloth, also known as landscape fabric, is a textile used to bar growth of weeds and control soil erosion.  Landscaping fabrics may be made up of synthetic materials like polypropylene; can be woven or spun-boded. They can be used to protect all kinds of plants- ornamentals plants and grasses, shrubs, and trees.  You can also place them to areas where you don’t want to grow any kind of plant or grass.

Landscape clothes are very durable and may last up to five years.  The fabric is highly designed to accommodate passage of air and water and essential nutrients coming from the soil to the roots of the plants.  Installing landscape cloth in your backyard may be a little costly but then, it adds protection on much more expensive and valued plants.  You don’t want to end have having a garden of weeds instead of a flower garden.

Limitations of Landscape Cloth

However, it doesn’t mean that you have installed your landscape fabric, you can just forget about maintaining your plants from weeds.  Most landscape clothes have organic mulch that gradually decomposes with the soil and after a few years, this mulch may become fertilizers for weeds.  Another thing to consider is that it is not only through soil that weeds germinate.  They can sprout in your landscape stones, in pots, and in tree branches.  Some of these weeds, as they get the opportunity, may easily penetrate the landscape cloth and start to grow all over, destroying your plants.

It is still best to personally take care of your backyard garden.  Using protections like landscape fabric is advisable but you should see to it that you tend to your plants once in a while.  Remember, these plants make your backyard beautiful.




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