Arborsculpture in Landscaping

landscape design ideasArborsculpture is the art of shaping trunks. Using its roots in medieval alchemy, this art form is actually very famous worldwide, this is not only popular in the western world but also in Asian countries.  The process involves Bending and pruning young trees into desired designs. There is no restriction to what ever design or shape you want to create just as long as the tree is still young.

 The magic of the art is in the proven fact that trees and shrubs will develop together when grafted as in the lattice. Additionally when a sapling is locked in place for a few years the new shape is cast permanently. Unusual tree designs that catch the attention can easily be developed.

So, why not make use of Arborsculpture when landscaping your yard?  It is fun to do and it can absolutely create an air of uniqueness into your property.