All About Courtyards

Do you know what makes a home unique and special in its own way? it is having your very own courtyard. These days there are two types of courtyards one is the indoor courtyard while the other is the outdoor courtyard. You can choose one of the two or if the space permits you can choose to put an indoor courtyard or an outdoor courtyard.

courtyard landscape design

A courtyard comes with its own unique properties and possibilities and there are many ways to design a courtyard so these properties can be highlighted. A courtyard is either a space between buildings that offers access to many people, for example in a university campus or office building. It could also be within a single building, such as a townhouse, apartment building or outside a hospital room where only certain people have access. The design depends on the type due to varying human activities. A university or office courtyard should provide ample space for people to socialize and adding garden tables and chairs, as well as winding walkways to create private spaces can easily create this. Walkways designed to guide people to different parts or sections of the building can also create a big impact. A courtyard closed from all sides, like a private apartment courtyard or in any residential building, will have limited sunlight and it is thus necessary to determine which plant species will survive and drainage should be well thought out.

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