A Very Effective Way of Swimming Pool Shocking

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Swimming pool shocking is also known as super chlorinating. The method is important to keep your outdoor bathing area clean. The process can do more than just your regular cleaning since it is capable of removing dead skin, urine and even microorganisms that thrive within the waters of your swimming pool.

Here is the proper way of swimming pool shocking to achieve desirable results:

1. Schedule the Shocking

The most effective results can be attained by scheduling your shocking properly. For warm pools like a spa pool, it is highly recommended to perform shocking at least twice a month. Then, weekly or more is required if the pool is used frequently or if the pool has been exposed to heavy rains. You should also set your shocking at night because doing it during the day will make the ultraviolet rays of the sun affect the chemicals.

2. Prepare the Materials

Do not pour the substances directly to your pool. Dissolve it first in a bucket of water. Here’s a way to do it:

a. Get around 5 gallons or 19 liters of water from the pool using a bucket.

b. Carefully pour the granules into the water.

c. Mix the contents of the bucket until the granules effectively dissolve.

Remember to do the mixing in the manner presented here. Do not put the chemicals first in the bucket then pour the water later.

3. Applying the Chemicals

Go to your pool’s filtration system. Then perform the following:

a. Proceed to the return line fitting of the filtration system.

b. Gradually pour the mixture into the return line. Doing it slowly is important to prevent the substance from getting into your skin and to avoid the chemicals from directly going into the bottom-most part of the pool.

c. When the bucket is close to empty with only 1/4 of the mixture remaining, add more water and stir it again. Then, continue pouring the contents into the filtration system.

d. If some granules get into the water of the pool, you can fish them out using a netted pool cleaning tool.

4. Check the Water

Using a device, check for the concentration of the chemicals in the water. Make sure that it is 3ppm or less before swimming in it.

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