50 of the Best Bathroom Design Ideas

The living gets the glory, the kitchen is the wow factor, but the bathroom contains the throne. So, when it comes to home redesigns, let’s give a little love to the throne room. After all, the king and queen deserve to sit in the lap of luxury while they’re getting ready for the day.

We’ve put together fifty of the best bathroom design ideas we’ve come across. Take a look a look and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

10 Bathtub Design Ideas

1. Who says all bathtubs have to be curved? A rectangular tub with gently-sloping sides adds sleek comfort to the bathroom and invites you to slip in quietly for a leisurely soak. The floral accents on the wallpaper on the upper half of the walls provides a softening effect that helps you unwind in a way that only nature can accomplish.

Rectangular White Tub Bathroom design



2. Clean and modern lines dominate this boxy bathtub’s design. When it is paired with other strong, geometric shapes, this tub gives the bathroom a sleek and relaxing air — almost like a spa. The soft gray paint and cloud-white ceiling help evoke feelings of relaxation and pampering that keep the outside world at bay — at least for a few minutes.

Square Bathtub bathroom design



3. Window seats provide a cozy nook in which to curl up and relax. Who says they can’t find a place in the bathroom as a frame for a tub? This bathroom is also designed with built-in storage so everything — from clean towels and toiletries to soft music and candlelight — has a dedicated place that’s within easy reach.

Framed Bathtub bathroom design



4. The rounded and curvaceous lines of this corner tub provide a pleasing contrast with the oversized, geometric shower that takes up the corner beside it. Strategically installed under slatted corner windows, it adds a timeless elegance to the bathroom while softening its edges.

White Bathroom design ideas



5. A claw-foot bathtub never goes out of style — especially when it’s supported by ornate gold legs. The addition of the sparkling, dropped jewels chandelier provides understated drama and timeless elegance for a bathroom that’s never boring.

Claw footed tub design ideas



6. Get inspired by this jetted tub that’s installed on a deck. A fireplace fueled by gas logs increases the tub’s warmth and invites you to unwind even further. Dual headrests, built-in storage and a sleek bench that makes it easy to towel off are other welcome touches that create an oasis of epic proportions.

Enclosed jetted tub design ideas



7. Sleek and smooth perfectly describes the effect of the latest trend in bathtub mounting. A stone surround lends itself to the simplistically simple and streamlined look of an undermount tub. Choosing to install the faucet in the center of the tub provides ample room for two.

undermount tub bathroom design



8. Getting the true benefits of a whirlpool tub doesn’t have to mean investing in a great deal of space. Instead, take a cue from this undermount tub that puts great emphasis on the gentle churning of the water within a narrow and sleek frame — the perfect size for one person to slip in and relax. The brushed chrome faucet and its cross handles add a whimsical flair that softens the sharp lines of the tub.

Tub Faucet Design Ideas



9. Bathroom corners don’t have to be wasted space when you use a tub that is perfectly designed for such spots. Combining practicality and elegance, this oval corner soaking tub is supported by a platform of timeless white marble. The look of sophistication is completed by the inclusion of a graceful faucet that takes its inspiration from yesteryear.

Corner tub bathroom design ideas



10. A pedestal tub is a beautiful addition to any bathroom. Use paneling in a rich and dark shade — here traditional espresso has been chosen — to make the tub stand out. If you want to lighten the bathroom’s mood and prevent it from looking starkly dark and white, try bright splashes of color but stick to a central theme. Otherwise it could look too overwhelming and busy.

Pedastal tub bathroom design



10 Vanity Design Ideas

1. It’s vintage style with a twist. A timeless vanity and original wainscoting are paired with marbleized wallpaper. The result is a decidedly modern — and vibrantly artistic — twist that might prove to be the inspiration you crave.

Vintage Vanity Design ideas



2. The trend of undermounting doesn’t just apply to tubs. As shown here, you can mount the sinks under the countertop to create a continuous — and trendy — flow from one to the other. For an even bigger visual impact, contrast the colors of each or stick with the same scheme for continuity.

Undermount bathroom sink design



3. A trough sink makes any cleaning task easier to tackle and its unique design makes a bathroom stand out from all others. An added bonus is that its easy to maintain and frees up floor space — often a precious commodity in today’s bathrooms.

Trough bathroom sink design ideas



4. Complete a rustic look by replacing the glass cabinet doors in a vanity with chicken wire. Use it to show off fresh white towels or a vintage container collection for a chic look that sophisticated enough for a B&B to pull off.

Rustic Bathroom Vanity Design



5. In today’s bathrooms, vanities are no longer being used solely for storage space. Instead, they are finding new life as an anchor for the bathroom as this design demonstrates. A see-through vanity becomes a strictly modern statement piece. When paired with a mirror framed in bold and splashy yellow Lucite, the entire bathroom takes on an energetic feel.

free standing bathroom vanity



6. Get back to the basics with a truly rustic vanity that’s inspired by log cabin. Top a roughly-hewn vanity of simple design with white marble for a fresh and durable take on country chic that infuses a measure of sophistication and practicality.

rustic cabin bathroom vanity



7. Antique never truly go out of style. You can even repurpose your favorite antique pieces for use in the bathroom. Here, an ornate antique console has been converted to a bathroom vanity by adding a drop-in sink and matte black countertop.

antique bathroom vanity design ideas



8. Today, a vanity isn’t a necessity for any type of bathroom. While stand-alone sinks are often seen in more modern bathrooms, this design shows that even country homes can pull off the look. A sturdy and deep oversize farmhouse in pristine white is highlighted by a sleek gold faucet. The addition of the deep blue paint on the walls surrounding the sink add visual pop.

white stand alone bathroom vanity



9. One of the freshest ideas for bathroom is the trend toward floating vanities. Often crafted almost as a work of art, these floating vanities provide numerous benefits to homeowners. These include the ability to customize the height of the vanity to meet their unique needs, freeing up much needed floor space and providing ease of use for homeowners — no matter what their age.

floating bathroom vanity design ideas



10. Make your vanity the focal point and anchor of the bathroom by getting creative and building around it. Matching cabinets and drawer pulls with other pieces that incorporates shelving and different options for lighting provides a one-of-a-kind look for this bathroom. Note the use of warm tones to evoke a charming and rustic look that feels cozy and homelike.

bathroom vanity with built ins



Five Bathroom Flooring Designs

1. Tiny hexagonal tiles on the floor of this bathroom help lighten its mood and open up the room, making it appear more spacious. They provide a pleasing contrast with the horizontal bands of darker color tile that run along the lower wall and help prevent it from looking too monochromatic and boxed in.

hexagonal bathroom tile design ideas



2. Tile is an extremely versatile floor covering that can also be used to improve the bathroom’s cohesiveness. Use the same color — chocolate brown is seen here — to pull the room together. Using the same tile on the tub surround enables you to highlight the unique features of this oversized tub. Choosing large-format tiles opens the room up, making it seem large and airy while also making installation a breeze.

chocolate brown bathroom tile design ideas



3. White subway tile is a popular flooring choice for a bathroom — and for good reason. Easy to clean, it helps open up a room that is often too small, too dark or both. Dress it up and add a modern flair to this timeless classic by using black or gray grout to accentuate the seams. As an added bonus, using grout in this way helps hide the dirt and debris that often gathers in between cleanings.

white subway tile bathroom design



4. It’s easy to bring nature into your bathroom when you use natural stone pebbles on your floor. This effect is simple to put into place but offers a huge “wow” factor. Another important advantage to using pebbles — besides the extraordinarily beautiful look it brings to any bathroom — is the superior traction it provides. The foundation or subfloor of your bathroom is primed with specialized epoxy coatings that are used to affix the pebbles. This creates a floor that is as water resistant and durable as it is beautiful.

natural stone pebble floor bathroom design



5. If you’re looking for versatility in your bathroom flooring, then you can’t really go wrong with cork. Not only is cork simply gorgeous to look at, it is an anti-bacterial material, making it the ideal flooring in a space where bacterial can easily thrive. When combined with its water resistance, cork provides the ideal material for the one room of your home that is likely to be exposed to lots of moisture. Cork can also be stained to match your particular decorating scheme — if desired. It is available in several different shapes including natural round discs, tiles, pieced mosaics and sheets.


10 Options for Bathroom Lighting

1. Sconces — those handsome fixtures that are perhaps best known to light up hallways, living rooms or dens rest on the walls — don’t have to be mounted vertically nor are they relegated to only being used in those above-mentioned rooms. In fact, turning them over on their sides for horizontal installation over double bathroom mirrors like in this example frees up wall space. Using them in this manner allows them to cast a wide arc of light right where it’s needed most while also lifting your bathroom from boring to unique.

horizontal or sideways bathroom sconces



2. The bathroom is one place where you need plenty of light so an overhead light is nearly essential. However, relying on that single source of illumination is likely to result in shadows as you try to use the mirror. Install focused lighting, such as mini sconces, on either side of the mirror to eliminate this issue and to highlight your wall coverings, like the designer did in this example.

mini sconces in the bathroom design



3. Think outside the box when it comes to bathroom lighting and bring some of the outdoors inside by using light fixtures that were originally marketed for outside use. With a bit of spray paint, gently curving outdoor lights are emblazoned with a contrasting color that brings out the wall tiles vividly — yet simply elegantly — in this slickly modern bathroom.

outdoor black sconces in the bathroom



4. Yes! Statement lighting does belong in the bathroom! There’s nothing that says that the bathroom is not the place to make a stylistic statement — as this bathroom proves amply. An ideal solution for providing either ambient or overhead lighting, statement pieces such as the one shown infuse lots of character and charm in a traditional space.

Antique Lighting in the bathroom



5. If you have a bathroom with high ceilings, recessed lights are not likely to provide an ample amount of illumination — even with the addition of elongated windows that are designed to capture the natural light. Instead, you’ll need to rely on other types of specialized lighting. One such options are pendant lights. The ones in this example are simplistically elegant that add to touch of softness to a bathroom that is low-fuss. However, pendant lights can be found in an array of styles to match nearly any decor.

pendant light bathroom design ideas



6. Think in layers when planning for the lighting in your bathroom. Accentuate the natural light that streams in through the tall and rectangular window by using a series of vanity lights over a mirror illuminate that area. Recessed lighting in the ceiling helps improve the brightness overall without the glare of a single overhead light.

bathroom window design ideas



7. Fluorescent drop lighting might be choice that brings to mind school classrooms with their too bright harshness. It can seem like they lack the properties needed to make them a good choice for use in a residential space. Here, though, these designers show that using fluorescent drop lighting is anything but that. Instead, it provides the perfect balance in a bathroom that nicely combines cool modern aspects with cozy timeless accents.

fluorescent drop lighting bathroom design ideas



8. Nowhere in the home is task lighting more important than in the bathroom. Delicate vanity lights help provide softness to an otherwise low-fuss bathroom design. Situated over the mirror and sink, these lights can even provide enough illumination to be used on their own, if necessary, for example, during those middle of the night bathroom breaks when the ceiling light would be too bright.

Delicate bathroom vanity light



9. Here’s another example of an innovative designer using unusual lighting sources that are often more closely associated with other rooms in a home to infuse charm and character in a room that gets a lot of use. In fact, nothing says bold and unusual quite like bringing table lamps into the bathroom. For those vanities with an expansive landscape of a countertop, making the use of this type of lighting — meaning the type that one often associates more with the living room than the bathroom — gives the room access to a unique combination of both low lights and up lights without an elaborate lighting system.

Table lamps in the bathroom design ideas



10. Go rustic with a lantern that is fashioned in a vintage style. As a statement piece, lighting options like this can be relied upon to work in one of two ways. They can either provide a main source of lighting or they can be used to complement other types of light. As this designer shows, vintage metal pieces such as this one go particularly well when they are paired with recessed light and wall sconces. This helps ensure that the unique properties of the lantern aren’t overshadowed by the other light sources.

Rustic Bathroom Lighting design ideas




10 Creative Ideas for Bathroom Backsplashes

1. Gold has a way of adding copious amounts of beauty and elegance — even in a room that is often thought to lack significantly in both. In fact, even a small amount of gold leaf on the backsplash or bathroom wall adds elegance and style. If you don’t have an entire wall section you can inlay with gold leaf, choose a few places where the eye will be drawn as one enters the room. This, in turn, magnifies the effects.

Gold bathroom backsplash design ideas



2. Don’t feel like you need to be confined to just one — or even two! — patterns on your bathroom backsplash or walls. As long as there is some sort of link between them — in this case, the designer used closely related shades of blue to do so — the effects will add pizzazz. In this example, three different wallpaper patterns provide visual appeal and tie in beautifully with the vanity.

blue bathroom backsplash design ideas



3. Beaded board that’s been painted to match the colors of the bathroom to create the ideal place to relax and unwind makes this backsplash something to sit up and notice. Adding a shade of soothing pastel blue is just the right accent detail to bring a slice of color to the room without overwhelming the effects of the beaded board.

beaded board bathroom backsplash



4. Tile is not just for the bathroom floor. You can use it nearly anywhere in the bathroom where you want a material that is durable and easy to clean. In this bathroom, the designer used tile on the backsplash as well as the tub surround to create a timeless and classic look. Its effects were then accentuated with a vintage-inspired faucet that’s installed front and center. A modern handheld shower was installed for a touch of modern convenience.

backsplash and tub surround bathroom design ideas



5. Getting creative so that every available inch of space is used effectively to maximize the bathroom’s footprint means taking innovative ideas and expanding them to fit the scenario. Utilizing the often wasted space under a dormer for a soaking tub is made successful with the right backsplash. Perfectly square white tiles are the answer here as proven protection from moisture. Their crisp and clean look is also the perfect complement for the soft green walls.

square tile bathroom backsplash design



6. Three dimensional tile of interlocking circles provides a thrilling pop of visual appeal in a room that is often left to its own devices. While monochromatic in color, it still creates a depth and texture that invites touching and exudes warmth. The sophistication of its style is artfully combined with a bit of pizzazz that is inspired by the 1970s.

3d tile bathroom backsplash design



7. Break free of the hold that tile has on backsplashes and dare to be different. In this bathroom, the designers have chosen to emphasize the wood countertop that the free-standing basin rests on. They did so by providing bamboo accents as a backsplash behind a mirror. To mix up the effects, some of the planks used match the staining of the countertop while others are slightly darker to provide a contrast that is never boring.

bamboo bathroom backsplash



8. Today’s tile choices are almost unlimited. Indeed, with the right supplier, you can likely have any size or shape created for your bathroom. In this example, warm gray tiles are installed in horizontal rectangles. Their neutral color scheme provides the perfect contrast with a bold wall nearby while accentuating the vintage sink and fixtures.

gray glass tile bathroom backsplash



9. A glass backsplash simply and elegantly infuses sophistication and charm into even the most understated bathroom. The five rows of seafoam green glass tiles provide a sparkly addition to a bathroom that otherwise focuses on a minimalist style. It is also used as the focal point from which to launch the accessories as the tumblers and soap containers accentuate its effects further.

seafoam bathroom backsplash design ideas



10. The cool gray of this bathroom’s walls is broken up by the addition of a stone backsplash. Gray stones are liberally interspersed with those of other natural colors to provide a depth that is at once warm and sleek. Bringing textures of all sorts into the bathroom is one of the most exciting trends that have seen steady expansion in other rooms of the house. Best of all, it provides the perfect foil in a bathroom that otherwise features a more modern design emphasis.

river stone bathroom backsplash design



Five Fresh Toilet Ideas

1. Take your bathroom’s design to the next level with a European inspired one-piece toilet from Kohler. A dual-flush model with a more comfortable, elongated bowl, this technologically advanced toilet is designed to provide you with the best in comfort and entertainment. The sleek and compact design offers personalized settings that allow you to customize everything from the warmth of the seat and your Bluetooth playlist to the amount of ambient lighting and the use of the foot warmer. Built-in speakers, an integrated bidet and a touchscreen remote control with a wall mount option are other notable features.

European designed bathroom toilet



2. Make keeping the bathroom clean easier while you also free up much needed floor space with the addition of this wall-hung toilet from Kohler. The one-piece design encloses the mounting hardware, adding to the unit’s sleek and streamlined look, and eliminating the need to clean it.  The elongated bowl is designed for comfort while its compact design means it doesn’t take up any more space than conventional oval-shaped toilets. When compared to toilets that are mounted on the floor, you could save as much as 12 inches in floor space by choosing this one instead.

wall hung bathroom toilet design ideas



3. The skirted design of the TOTO tankless dual flush toilet adds a sleek and modern feel to any bathroom while also giving it an instant update. It features an ultra-high efficiency flushing system and a patented ceramic glaze that makes keeping it clean an easy job. This toilet’s real claim to fame though, is its other features such as the heated, temperature controlled seat, adjustable comfort spray settings and hands-free automatic flush. In a nod to households everywhere that deal with this issue, this TOTO toilet’s lid automatically opens and closes when you’re finished.

tankless toilet bathroom design



4. With a design specifically aimed at homes in North America, this Bidet4me toilet has many features that will appeal to homeowners who want to improve the usefulness of their bathrooms. In most cases, the installation of this elongated, all-electric toilet is a DIY job that can be completed in under an house without changing any of the existing plumbing. Its heated seat is fully adjustable to suit your comfort level as is the water pressure and temperature. With a focus an exceptional cleanliness, this toilet gently sprays, air dries and massages you. An included deodorizer feature is an added bonus.

Bidet toilet seat



5. Make a statement with this elegant toilet that looks like its suitable for royalty. In addition to its comfortable elongated bowl, this dual-flush toilet offers the convenience of one-push button operation. Its unique pattern of a delicate pastel green band trimmed in 24K gold infuses your bathroom with sophistication and charm. When used as a focal point of the bathroom, this toilet also provides the ideal tie in for numerous color and stylistic schemes.

Elegant bathroom toilet design ideas



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