5 Whimsical Ways to Make Every Day Special… and Sunny Too!

The grass is greener.

The flowers are blooming…

And life has begun anew all around.

If you aren’t feeling quite as cheerful as spring is just yet, here are 5 whimsical ways to make every day special, sunny and smile-worthy…


Go for a run… and leave your problems at home. 

Science has proven that exercise can decrease anxiety in as little as ten minutes and looking at scenes of nature can decrease blood pressure (and stress too) almost instantaneously. Combine science with feel-good fun and go for a run.

Runners often joke that they are “running away from their problems” and there is some truth to that. Running gives you the freedom you need to stop thinking and just de-stress a while. When you come back in from your run, that problem just might not look quite so big anymore. So go ahead… leave that problem at the door and run.


Tape up inspirational quotes or letters to inspire others.

Hey, you. Need something else to do while you are out on that run around the block? Print out some of your favorite inspiration quotes to tape up in unsuspecting spots. Feeling like a real do-gooder? Hand-write a few notes to a stranger that might pass that way.

“You’re going to get through this.”

Everything is going to be OK.

Whatever you say… feel good about saying it. You would be amazed at the domino effect that just a few small words can have especially when the person who needs to hear them most is least expecting them.


Wear what you love – yes – even THAT.

As women, we often avoid wearing exactly what we want. Why? No matter what we like to think, we all care (on some level) how we are perceived. Maybe you wear cardigan sets but you have always been a secret rockabilly lover. Maybe you are a rockabilly lover who secretly loves Gap. Whatever is “shocking” for you, if you LOVE it and it speaks to you, wear it. Life is far too short to care how short that dress is or what people will think if you leave the house in a full on poodle skirt. Be YOU. Do YOU. REAL YOU. That’s the best YOU.


Be a blessing to someone else… ESPECIALLY when you don’t feel like it.

It is hard to get out of the bed in the morning, much less want to do something for someone else, when you are down in the dumps. However, this is the BEST time of all to be a blessing to someone else. When you help others not only are you paying it forward, but you are also getting your mind off your own problems. Bonus perk: The good feeling you get from doing something for someone else is a natural high that can help to bring you up from the puddles and back into the sun.


Pull an Eleanor.

In My Year with Eleanor: A Memoir, author Noelle Hancock highlights one of Eleanor Roosevelt’s most famous quotes.

Do one thing every day that scares you.

While it is probably not a good idea to walk to the edge of a rocky cliff, (we mean, you have little guys and girls to take care of, after all), there are PLENTY of other ways to live on the edge.

Sing karaoke.

Try a funky new dish.

Get inked in a downtown tattoo chair.

You’ll realize that you are stronger than you know and you will begin looking for ways to use that hidden strength you never even knew you had!


Whether you are dealing with an extended case of the winter blues or something a little more longer term, little changes can add up, getting you up out of the cold… and into the sunny feeling of spring.